Tax D​eduction VS Tax Credit

Most of us are confused about these two terms.  I was.....Here is a link to visual illustration to explain the differences. Tax deduction vs tax credit In the above example, I calculated tax based on "Married filing jointly status"      Most common tax credits Earned Income Tax Credit American Opportunity Tax Credit Child and Dependent [...]

Tax Brackets 2018

  Note taxable income is calculated by deducting IRA, 401K, 403b, HSA, medical and dental premiums and standard deductions from your gross income [Assuming your total deductions are less than standard deductions] MARRIED INDIVIDUALS FILING JOINT RETURNS AND SURVIVING SPOUSES. TAXABLE INCOME                             [...]

Number one reason to keep your money in TSP

Tsp charges you very lower fees compared to any other investment firm. Higher expenses are a massive drag on your investment return. Here is an example Let's assume that you have 250000 invested, adding 18000 yearly and expecting an 8% gain. Tsp charges you 0.038 % of your account balance/year while the other firm charges you [...]