Am I eligible for child tax credit.

Your children should meet all the criteria, and your income should be below the income limit threshold.

The threshold is:   MAGI /based  [ For most AGI and MAGI are the same numbers ]

  • $110,000 on a joint return
  • $75,000 for an unmarried individual
  • $55,000 for a married individual filing a separate return

So if you are filing jointly, and your MAGI is <110,000 then you will get $1000 for each child.

If your MAGI more than the threshold then you will lose $50 / $1000 above the threshold.

For example

Parents with 2 kids filing jointly will get a credit of 2000 if their MAGI  is <110,000

Same parents will get credit of $1500 if their MAGI is 120,000 [ they lose $ 50 for every

$ 1000 above 110, 000.

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