Tax, Worth considering.

Pay No Tax When Shopping Online

We do a lot of shopping these days especially during the holidays like Christmas. The more you buy, the more taxes you pay which can be huge if you are a typical American consumer. Most of us spend around 8% in tax for the stuff you buy unless you live in the states like Alaska that don’t make you pay sales tax.

We do a lot of shopping online, and this gives us an advantage not pay tax on your purchase if you choose some of the online retailers. Amazon, the most significant online retailer, collect tax in 39 states as of now. They have to collect the tax from you as long as they operate from your state.

There are some online bargain retailers out there that you may consider that would save you some cash

B&H Photo video is one of the largest online store located in Manhattan New York that sells all kinds of electronic stuff you can imagine from professional cameras to high-end computers. The great benefit is that you don’t have to pay any tax as long as you are shipping outside of New York. If you are saving 8% in tax, then you are saving $ 40 for every 500 dollars you spent. They are also offering fast and free shipping. The prices are far better than

I recommend you stay away from shopping during holidays, but some stuff you really needs to buy, saving 8% on those purchases is not worth to pass on.

B&H Deal Zone




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