How to calculate taxable wages [Box 1 on W-2]

Gross Pay  –   nontaxable wages [ HSA, Medical premium, Dental premium, uniform allowance]  –    Tax deferred wages [ Traditional retirement plan]


Gross pay     3,000

Non taxable wages      200 [HSA]  + 150 [Medical] +   50 [ Dental] + 10 [ Uniform allowance]

Tax-deferred wages   500   [ 401 K ]

So your Taxable wages =  3000-200-150-50-10-500

The final number          3,000 – 910  =  2,090 

The next step is to calculate your AGI or Adjusted gross income…   A lot of tax saving tricks are based on this number such as eligibility to contribute to traditional IRA.

Best book to read before you start investing.

The Simple Path to Wealth: Your roadmap to financial independence and a rich, free life

I like audiobook versions of this book

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