Tool to calculate total ER of a portfolio

You may have multiple mutual funds with various ER in your portfolio. For example,  you may have VTSAX at 0.05 ER that holds 68% and VGTSX at 0.18 ER that holds 32% of the portfolio. Calculating total ER for your portfolio is made easy with this online tool. Here is the link to the online… Continue reading Tool to calculate total ER of a portfolio


Backtesting​ Portfolio

I found a great tool to understand investment performance This will give you a clear picture of past performance. This tool will give you an idea what a 4% rule can do for your portfolio. It gives you a clear visual understanding and helps you make right decisions based on your situations. Here is the… Continue reading Backtesting​ Portfolio

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Finance calculators

Finance Calculators 1  Expense ratio effect calculator.  Don't forget this is Huge. 2 Investment Calculator. Find out what your money can earn 3 Global Rich List. Find out where you stand financially 4 RMD Calculator. 5 Quick tax estimate 6 AGI calculator.  You need this number to determine your eligibility… Continue reading Finance calculators