Should I​​ Pay 2018 Property Tax Now

If your 2018 property taxes are assessed, then paying those before 12/31 will let you deduct that amount when filing taxes in 2017. If you wait until next year, then you may not be able to deduct it as your standard deduction is going to be way higher by then. For example, if you owe 5,000… Continue reading Should I​​ Pay 2018 Property Tax Now


Tax Brackets 2018

  Note taxable income is calculated by deducting IRA, 401K, 403b, HSA, medical and dental premiums and standard deductions from your gross income [Assuming your total deductions are less than standard deductions] MARRIED INDIVIDUALS FILING JOINT RETURNS AND SURVIVING SPOUSES. TAXABLE INCOME                            … Continue reading Tax Brackets 2018

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Pay No Tax When Shopping Online

We do a lot of shopping these days especially during the holidays like Christmas. The more you buy, the more taxes you pay which can be huge if you are a typical American consumer. Most of us spend around 8% in tax for the stuff you buy unless you live in the states like Alaska that don't make you pay… Continue reading Pay No Tax When Shopping Online

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TSP Withdrawal Options After Retirement

There are three options. Single payment Monthly payments Life annuities   Single payment You can withdraw your entire TSP account balance in a single payment. You may roll over to investment firms like Vanguard for more flexibility, but you will be paying more fees.Monthly payments. Two ways to do this. Monthly payments computed by the… Continue reading TSP Withdrawal Options After Retirement